My Top 3 Online Shops for Organic Beauty

Wednesday, November 27

Shopping for organic beauty products is one of my favourite things to do - after trying them out of course! I love shops like Feel Unique, but find that they lack a really good selection of truly organic products. So below are my 3 favourite places to go when I want to have a little explore of the organic beauty world (in no particular order). 

1) Being Content

If you're a Londoner, you may be familiar with this brand - they have a store called Content on Bulstrode Street. Their website is beautiful to navigate and explore, stocking a huge amount of natural & organic beauty products, including fragrance, herbal teas and men's cosmetics. As their physical store offers complimentary therapies, Being Content really know what they're talking about when it comes to skincare and wellbeing. Shopping on here you immediately get the sense that they are experts - click on the 'Knowledge' tab for some interesting reading. 

Bonus Points: Free Worldwide Delivery; Browse the left hand tabs under 'Knowledge' to see just how ethical this store is & the story behind their brand; Content events every month for you to get more involved in the products.

2) Naturisimo

One of the heavy weights in the online beauty world, as it's name suggests, Naturisimo only stocks natural and organic beauty & skin care products. Similar in lay out to other well known online beauty stores, it's really easy to navigate and has everything from skin care & make up to health supplements and men's cosmetics. You can search by their extensive brand list - perfect if you've heard of one in particular you want to try out. 

Bonus Points: Free Worldwide Delivery; make up & skin care samples; an 'Offers' page 

3) My Pure

A site I've only recently started using, it's full to bursting with organic & natural skin care, beauty & body care products. Again, like the other two, it also includes an area for men. 
What I love most about this site however is their 'Free Gift' section. Here you can browse through products they offer as a free gift with purchase, which means you basically get an extra product when purchasing from them. Such an amazing idea. They also have a cool 'Review' section where they've compiled all their product reviews into one handy place for you to read. 

Bonus Points: Free Gift codes; Free UK Delivery; Home section as well as beauty; 'Offer' tabs for sale items & other temporary offers 

What I love about all of these sites is that they are so passionate about their products and what they do. They are far more than just an online retail store, and give so much back to the customer - making you feel truly valued. Have I missed out your favourite? Please let me know so I can try it out! :) x
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  1. I like the first two and visit them regularly, but always forget about number three! Thanks for reminding me. :) A good selection x