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Saturday, February 27

Fern & Moss is taking a breather for the foreseeable future. You can still catch my adventures over on my other blog. Hope to see you there :) 


Friday, January 1

Tucked away down a little Devon lane lies Bantham Beach, which in my opinion is probably the most picturesque beach on the South Devon coastline. Soft sand dunes open out onto a sheltered bay, while Burgh Island looms offshore. I've lost count of the amount of times I've come out here just to unwind and find headspace.

Back in the summer I went out to catch the last of the evening sun. I took off my shoes as I reached the dunes, my toes sinking into the cool sand. Waves gently broke on the shoreline and seagulls rode in the warm air currents above. Strolling along the clifftops, I stayed out until the day turned dark and stars poked holes in the sky.

I also made a little video back in June from this spot, watching the sun as it dipped below the Cornish cliffs. You can catch that at the end of the photos :)


Monday, December 21

It was an overcast day late in the summer. My head was heavy from the previous night and so I decided to wile away the afternoon on Dartmoor. Bellever has an air of mystery and wildness, without a doubt. Humans have been living here for thousands of years, and the place is scattered with stone circles, ancient settlements and cairns. A pine forest lines the way up to Bellever Tor and the surrounding hills of Dartmoor. I walked through the forest without seeing another soul, and after much backtracking and disappearing paths, managed to find an old stone hut circle. I sat here, watching the heavy clouds roll in and my headache slowly fade. This is without doubt one of my favourite spots on Dartmoor.


Friday, November 13

I don't know about you, but the dark evenings have got me reminiscing about the long, warm days of summer. Back in August I had the chance to stay in the treetops, camping out and floating above the forest floor. It was a pretty magical experience!

A crackling fire and a pot of coffee were waiting for us when we reached the campsite. Twilight had fallen, and we could just make out our tents floating in the forest, suspended between the pine trees. We were in Haldon Forest, a magical landscape that stretches for 3500 acres across South Devon, laced with hidden trails and paths. 
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