Friday, November 13

I don't know about you, but the dark evenings have got me reminiscing about the long, warm days of summer. Back in August I had the chance to stay in the treetops, camping out and floating above the forest floor. It was a pretty magical experience!

A crackling fire and a pot of coffee were waiting for us when we reached the campsite. Twilight had fallen, and we could just make out our tents floating in the forest, suspended between the pine trees. We were in Haldon Forest, a magical landscape that stretches for 3500 acres across South Devon, laced with hidden trails and paths. 
Korowai Camping provide a pop up wild camping experience throughout Devon and Cornwall, leaving no damage to the forest floor and allowing you to sleep whilst literally floating on air. With no electricity, it was the perfect place to unplug and soak in the evening smell of woodsmoke and damp earth. We cooked our dinner on the communal fire pit, sharing stories with Leo, the owner, over a bottle of wine. Sleeping in the tents was surprisingly comfortable. Tucked up in our sleeping bags, we slept on a cushion of air and fell asleep to the rushing wind in the treetops.

Leo told me next year he's planning on a single 28 day camp, complete with temporary hot tubs and showers.  You can keep up to date with what Korowai Camp are doing on their Facebook and Website... this isn't a sponsored post!
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