Friday, January 1

Tucked away down a little Devon lane lies Bantham Beach, which in my opinion is probably the most picturesque beach on the South Devon coastline. Soft sand dunes open out onto a sheltered bay, while Burgh Island looms offshore. I've lost count of the amount of times I've come out here just to unwind and find headspace.

Back in the summer I went out to catch the last of the evening sun. I took off my shoes as I reached the dunes, my toes sinking into the cool sand. Waves gently broke on the shoreline and seagulls rode in the warm air currents above. Strolling along the clifftops, I stayed out until the day turned dark and stars poked holes in the sky.

I also made a little video back in June from this spot, watching the sun as it dipped below the Cornish cliffs. You can catch that at the end of the photos :)

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