'RMS Beauty Lipshine' Review

Sunday, January 5

Type of Lip Product: Balm/Lipstick
Organic Content: 50%
Price: £17.00
Size: 5.6g

Doesn't time just pass you by in the blink of an eye? What a busy month it's been; I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. I'm excited and mildly prepared for whatever this year has to throw at me, and thought I'd start the month off by getting back into this blog of mine.
One of my favourite products over December has been the RMS Lipshine in Moment. Moisturising and luxurious, it's perfect for the cold winter months when my lips are not looking their softest or most plump. It's a beautiful nude that doesn't wash you out, and instead adds a hint of warmth and depth to a natural make up look. When I first opened it, I was a bit wary of how brown and rich the colour was, but as it's quite sheer, once it's on your lips it transforms into beautifully light and natural shade. 

The lipshine has an almost buttery, very nourishing texture, meaning unfortunately it doesn't have the staying power of a more traditional lipstick. It lasts longer than a balm however, making it ideal for everyday wear, especially if you are busy and want something you can quickly and easily apply. 

I love the little frosted glass pot it comes in, which is small enough to comfortably slip inside my bag yet sturdy enough to be found easily! The only problem with this however, is that it can be annoying to get rid of any excess product. Luckily because mine is nude, I just rub it in to my hands. But I don't think this would work if you tried the red or pink shades. 

So what are you putting on your lips? The lipshines are made from a blend of organic oils and butters, including Castor Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Seed Butter, with an organic content of 50%. As with most organic make up, the price is higher than average, with a pot setting you back around £17.00. However, if you're passionate about organic cosmetics, then these are definitely worth investing in. Incredibly nourishing, with a beautiful colour pay off and charming packaging, they are worth every penny. And of course, the more people buy organic, the lower the prices will drop ;) 

Have you tried the lipshines in other shades? What did you think? I have my eye on Bloom next... 

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  1. I have the colour bloom and I find it very easy to wear, it's a "my lip's but better shade, I do regret not buying something with a little more colour like sacred for example which looks beautiful! :) Xx

    1. Ah good point. Sacred and Sublime both look beautiful, but I just can't pull off bright pinks. Wish they had a deeper, more plum colour... In fact, they need a better colour range than the four they currently have! x

  2. Love, love, love RMS Beauty products!! I have yet to try the lipshines, though. Great review and color! I've been obsessing over the RMS un-coverup and the cream eyeshadow in Seduce. Highly recommend those two RMS products as well even though they're not lippies!! Organic makeup will catch on soon enough!!

  3. RMS are on my list of brands to try out this year - always hear such good things about them and love the sound this Lipshine :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. RMS Lipshines are definitely on my wish list :) Every product from this brand sounds tempting! x