Organic Product Review: Vapour Organic Cleansing Oil

Monday, July 15

This make up remover from Vapour Organics promises to calm and balance the skin, whilst also providing anti aging antioxidants. It's a cleansing oil, so doesn't strip the skin and instead adds nourishment whilst at the same time removing dirt, grime and (importantly) make up. It has an amazing 95% organic ingredients, which was a big thumbs up from me. 
I loved the idea of an oil, as I hoped it meant I could use it to take off both my eye and skin make up - the simpler my skin care routine the better! I do have combination/oily skin, so the thought of using an oil did make me slightly wary, however the reviews suggested it balanced rather than saturated the skin, so I gave it a whirl. 

The product itself is very luxurious, and beautifully removes the surface layer of make up, including eye make up. However, I found once I'd removed one or two swipes worth of make up, no more dirt was showing on the cotton pads. Now, I normally give my face a very deep cleanse with a make up remover, and get to all the hidden dirt trapped underneath the make up. I know there is more dirt under there, you aren't fooling me Vapour! The oil didn't really cleanse my skin, but rather just removed surface dirt. 

Unfortunately, in the end I found the product far too heavy and oily for my combination skin. It gets congested really easily, and although this didn't make me break out, it did leave my skin feeling heavy and uncomfortably greasy. Never a good look. 

I found the oil okay at most, meaning that its £21 price tag for a less-than-sample-size 29ml leaves a pretty bitter taste in the mouth. I still have half a bottle sat in my drawer because it took me a grand total of 3 days to use that much. Even if this was a wonder product, the cost of it alone would bankrupt me within 6 months. 

So, for a first review it's a pretty heavy hearted - but honest - one. I have heard great things about Vapour Organics and I hope the rest of their products aren't as average and over-priced as this. 

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  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog so I'm just reading all your posts. I don't know whether you've tried other vapour products since but I use their concealer as an under eye one and I love it. Their cream blush (in courtesan) is a perfect match for me and I also use it as a lip stain. I think their face products are more designed for drier skin. Naturisimo sells samples of all their products (at least make up ones) for £1 or so and this way you can try before spending a fortune. I'm not keen on their eye creams as they crease on me so it's great you don't kneed to buy the full product to try.