Autumn Nails with Zoya | Casey + Avery

Wednesday, October 15

Here are two of my favourite go-to nail polishes for the autumn season. All Zoya's nail polishes are 5 free and are exceptional quality. Long lasting and with great pay off, they out perform many conventional nail polishes. I love wearing dark colours or nudes during the autumn/winter, and these are two of my favourites - Casey & Avery.

Dark Purple - Casey // Nude - Avery 

What are your go-to colours for autumn nails? 

Chesca x 
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  1. I was just writing a blog post about my new Zoya polish and this popped up haha! Love those two! x

  2. Those are both beautiful shades. I don't wear polish often but those are the two I'd tend to lean towards for Fall as well xo

  3. I love Zoya and these two shades have just been added to my wishlist. I love neutrals and rich, deep colors for fall.

  4. Casey looks very Fall, but so far I'm not a fan of dark purples, I think they will make my skin look more yellow?

  5. Do you have a photo of them on your nails? I want a nude coloured one but that looks quite white, which I can't wear as it just seems to look like Tippex on my nails!


  6. I tend to only wear polish on my toes in summer. These colours look pretty and I do like the Zoya's formulation, it's a easy polish to apply