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Saturday, September 13

Continuing with the celebration of Organic Beauty Week, the UK based & certified organic skincare brand Pink's Boutique are running offers on their range of Try-Me sets. I was lucky enough to try their At-Home Facial kit, a selection of pampering products formulated with lemongrass to combat my oily/combination skin. I've absolutely loved using these over the past few weeks, and for the last two days of Organic Beauty Week, they are offering the kits for £20 instead of £40 - with a range of facial, manicure and pedicure options to suit your pampering needs!

What the Kit Includes: 
Lemongrass & Mandarin Cleanser 
Lemongrass Organic Toner
Lemongrass & Camellia Moisturiser
Bamboo & Oatmeal Polish
Green Clay & Camellia Mask

It's easy to fall in love with this kit before you even open it. Presented in a beautiful chocolate coloured box with fuchsia pink accents, the kit comes wrapped in tissue and tied with ribbon, complete with accompanying information cards and a delicate dried rose inside. The attention to detail is wonderful, and would make this a gorgeous present to someone (even if that is yourself). The products in my Lemongrass Kit are all worthy of their own blog posts, and have all helped my skin immensely, especially the toner and the face mask. The lemongrass scent comes through across the range, making them refreshing and just what my congested skin needs. The scent's are not too overpowering, and my skin has been so happy using these. I am going to purchase their face mask when I run out of this sample, and would recommend every item in this box to people who suffer from oily/combination skin. They all help clarify and refresh my skin, whilst still keeping it hydrated and glowing. Pink's Boutique are an organic beauty brand who I know I can trust to deliver amazing products with an equally amazing ingredients list. This kit is perfect for getting to know the brand and see whether their products work for you. As well as their Lemongrass Facial Kit, they also have an Ocha Facial for Dry/Mature Skin, and Manicure & Pedicure kits which look just as beautiful as this one, and are all available for £20 instead of £40 for the remainder of Organic Beauty Week (which ends this Sunday 14th September!).

Pink's Boutique have created this beautiful video to coincide with Organic Beauty Week, which tells you how to shop for green beauty, and explains just what organic beauty really is. It's worth watching!

I also have a giveaway to win a Green People Soft Buff Exfoliator which ends on Sunday 14th September... click here to enter

Chesca x 
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  1. I was going to try this set but as I already have so much skincare I went for the Pedicure set...this all sounds lovely though! I know we have similar skin so I'm so tempted by the face mask!

  2. What a lovely brand...I want to try this out!

  3. I chose this little set too and love it x