Saturday, December 20

Today's giveaway is a late one, but definitely worth the wait. Live Native were the very first organic skincare brand I tried, and have very kindly offered one or two of my readers the chance to win one of their beautiful Treat Bags. One is for women, and the other is for men, both featuring some truly amazing raw, vegan and organic products that are a treat for your skin.


It's not difficult to find organic skincare any more (if you know where to look), but finding organic, raw, cold pressed and vegan options is not an easy task. Handmade in rural Scotland, Live Native offer up products that are all of the above, and which are also incredibly beautiful to use. Their range includes everything from face and body care to men's skincare and hair care, made with nothing but natural ingredients in their raw and potent states. Handblended with love by Vicky, homeopath and raw nutritionist, Live Native celebrates the bounties of the earth and brings a soulful connection to what we put into our bodies. You'll find no water, alcohol, stabilisers or preservatives in their products, only raw and living ingredients which imbue our bodies with powerful antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients.


The women's treat bag includes a 5ml Essential Earth Cleanser and 5ml Sensitive Moisturiser, a perfect introduction to Live Native. The earth cleanser is unlike anything I've used before, and includes Herbridean Kelp to replenish essential minerals, an extract from the pulp of pine trees which is anti inflammatory and sulphur-rich, as well as a blend of argan, coconut and calendula oils to clean your pores and provide your skin with essential fatty acids. It smells like the earth, warm and deep, and my skin has never felt so beautiful after an exfoliator. Usually they leave my skin feeling a little dry, but after this my skin feels replenished. Their Sensitive Moisturiser is just as magical, and can be used all over the body. Low allergenic, the moisturiser has no essential oils, and instead includes Aloe Vera to deeply moisturise and leave your skin feeling velvety, baby soft.

The men's treat bag is something I haven't tried, but includes their Head to Toe for Men and Fresh Feet Balm. The Head to Toe is a spicy, aromatic moisturiser that is ideal for grooming, remedial and all over moisturising - for after the gym, bath, swim or sun. It can even be used as a nutrient rich, raw blend alternative to petroleum based hair styling gels. The rich ingredients help nourish the hair and prevent split ends and dry, flaky scalps. The Fresh Feet balm is another beautiful sounding balm that is designed to deeply nourish the feet, using an aromatic blend of essential oils to revitalise sore feet and to provide anti fungal and anti bacterial protection.

The giveaway is open for 48 hours and is for UK residents only. Please specify in your entry if you would also like to win the Men's Treat Bag.
Good luck! x 

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